Simple & Delicious Enchiladas

Ohmydearblog Enchiladas

I have been on a quest for the last six months to find a method of meal planning that doesn’t cause me to go into a slight depression. I don’t know about you guys but I’m just not one of those people who loves having every inch of my week planned out. I don’t thrive on a weekly meal plan, with everything written down ahead of time, it’s just not me. So over the last couple months I have been working on perfecting the meal planning method that works for those of us who, lets be honest, hate meal plans!

I like to be creative and enjoy the process of deciding what to make for dinner ( most of the time) but I am also terrible at planning ahead. This means when inspiration has struck my meat is still in the freezer with no hopes of being thawed in time ( microwave thawing has never worked in my favour) and I’m left pulling together a dinner that’s less this thrilling.

Insert my first method of planning! Have the meat portion cooked ahead of time leaving you with the freedom to make meals throughout the week without a strict and structured meal plan. I start each week by cooking up a large batch of shredded chicken and ground beef. Both these store wonderfully in the fridge and can be used in so many meals ( this method has also helped cut our grocery bill WAY down so for that reason alone it’s worth doing some meal prep ahead of time), which leads me to today’s blog post!

I plan on sharing 5 of the ways I use shredded rotisserie style chicken and 5 ways I use ground beef to make quick, beautiful, and tasty dinners. Up first is our beloved Enchiladas.

Ohmydearblog enchiladas

I live in Northern Alberta Canada and over the years when I have seen recipes for Enchiladas I would run out to our local grocery stores in search for the main ingredient… enchilada sauce. But Grande Prairie must not have caught up to this hot Mexican food dish because I would look everywhere for enchilada sauce and could never find it!

Fast forward to today and I have no seen it in a couple grocery stores but by then I had found the perfect enchilada sauce recipe so I have never ended up purchasing the pre-made kind. This sauce is so tasty and if you have a well stocked spice cabinet you should have everything you need on hand.

But for those times when you don’t have a well stocked spice cabinet or are feeling extra lazy I stumbled upon another way to make homemade enchilada sauce the other night that’s even faster and just as delicious ( in fact we couldn’t tell the difference) and the secret is pizza sauce.

You can find our favourite enchilada sauce recipe here, or you can make it using a can of pizza sauce, 2-3 tsp of chilli powder ( or more if you like spicy) and 2 tsp of garlic powder! Either recipe is delicious. Now we are ready To compile our Enchiladas.

Ohmydearblog Enchiladas

Recipe for Simple & Delicious Enchiladas


5-6 large white tortilla wraps

4 chicken breasts that have been boiled in chicken broth until cooked through and easily shredded. You can also use an instant pot. If using an instant pot place the chicken in frozen with 1 cup of broth and cook for 30 min. I double this to make enough chicken for multiple dinners and lunches throughout the week.

1 large red onion sliced thin and 2 peppers ( any color will do) sliced thin and sautéed until tender and slightly translucent in olive oil. Salt to taste.

1-2 cups of enchilada sauce

1 cup of cheddar cheese

sour cream and cilantro for serving

To assemble.

Preheat your oven using the broil setting on high.

Once your onions and peppers have been sautéed until tender and translucent, add in your shredded chicken to the same pan and your enchilada sauce (reserve a bit for the top) and mix until everything is well coated. Transfer this mixture into your tortilla wraps and roll up placing in a 9x12 baking dish. Drizzle on your left over sauce and top with shredded cheese.

Place on the top rack of your oven and broil. Watch closely as these can burn quickly and you just want the tops slightly brown and the cheese melted.

Top with spice cream and cilantro and enjoy!

Ohmydearblog Enchiladas