Creative Laundry Room Soap Containers

These are the things that get me really excited…..

the beauty revival oh my dear blog laundry room soap containers

Laundry soap containers, that don’t look like laundry soap containers…. or at the very least make your laundry soap look super glam and add to your laundry room decor. Some people may think to themselves… really a laundry soap container makes her this happy, but its true it really does. And I have to say it wasn’t until we recently finished our laundry room that I realized how happy a good looking and useful laundry soap container could make me, not to mention my husband whom also said “ those soap holders make doing laundry so much easier Brittany” and I smiled and said “ well obviously Jade, would you expect anything less from your brilliant and resourceful wife”….. ( its true I do talk like this and his response is to just walk away). So I thought this was something my lovely readers would probably enjoy and soon they would be as happy as us with their cute and useful laundry soap containers as we are.

the beauty revival oh my dear blog laundry room soap containers

The key to picking the perfect laundry soap container is to find two things. If you like us use oxy clean ( or a granular soap… not sponsored just true) then my first tip is to find a container that has a wide open mouth that is big enough to fit a 1/4 cup measuring cup. Then you need to find a cute measuring cup to use for scooping. We ended up using a vase fort this purpose and it worked perfectly!

Next if you use laundry tabs find a solid container with a lid! This little container looks super small but it holds a ton of laundry tabs and it hides them away when I don’t want to see them… which is almost always unless I need them to clean my clothes.

the beauty revival oh my dear blog laundry room soap containers

See nice and tidy and can be left on the counter ( or your actual washing mashing works too).

Every time I walk in that laundry room to do laundry these little containers really do bring me so much joy! I have done the heavy lifting for you and found some super cute and affordable containers for you to use for your laundry soap, as well as some measuring cup options!

What little things make you super ridiculously happy?

creative laundry room soap containers