Book Lists for Kids and a Trick to Help your Struggling Reader

We Love Books around here!

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So I thought I would start sharing some books lists for Kids and Adults, featuring books we have actually read and love. We have slowly been accumulating more books, but all of these should be available at your local Library. We also use the Libby app to download books on a tablet, but we prefer to have the actual book especially for the girls!

My daughters are 9 and 7 years old, and Elizabeth my eldest daughter LOVES to read. Paisley is a bit more hesitant but I have learned a secret trick for early readers that aren’t so sure about reading. Have them listen to the audio book first. Both girls have listened to the Ramona Quimby series and loved it. We have an Audible subscription ( not sponsored, just really love) and it is ESSENTIAL if you are wanting to download a book series. Sometimes a book series can be over $40.00 but a subscription is I think around $15 a month ( possibly cheaper if you are in the U.S ) and you get a credit each month. That credit can be used towards an entire series! So good.

So I didn’t think either of them would be interested in reading the series since they already know it from listening to it ( they listen to an audio book very night before bed) but it turns out this only spurred their love for the Ramona Series on. The trick is that once they know the story this BOOSTS their confidence when actually reading the book, because their minds can follow along with the story and begin understanding new words faster ( hands up, who read the Ramona Series when they were kids 🙌 ). If you have a struggling reader try this trick and see if it helps them too! In addition to the Ramona series they also loved Henry Huggins (also by Beverly Cleary).

book lists for kids ohmydearblog x the beauty revival

They both also loved My Fathers Dragon and Saving Winslow. These would be great for a boy or girl and My fathers Dragon is the perfect book once your reader is past the easy reader type novels but not quite ready for a big chapter book yet. The size of this book is small and it doesn’t feel overwhelming to them.

This is my favourite discount book store if you are Canadian and looking for discounted new books. I am constantly frustrated with our used book section on Amazon here in Canada, it costs the same and sometimes more then buying a new book with shipping but this online discount store is AWESOME. Every book that we have purchased from here is in NEW condition and not damaged at all. They are great and I highly recommend them if you are looking to purchase some of your own books, but do not want to spend full price. Studies show that a house with books in it encourages young readers to actually read!

Happy Reading!

book lists for kids ohmydearblog x the beauty revival